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Each country and/or government offices may have its on issuing policies. As a result you may need to provide your office with specific documentation that is not required by other offices (examples: additional notarizations, stamps, identification, etc). Please contact your Apostille issuing office in advance to clarify what documentation will be required to obtain Apostille authentication on your Criminal Record Check and notarized copy of Diploma. Please be aware that costs vary between countries and offices and prices range from $20 - $80 per document. If you plan on mailing your documents for authentication then make sure to confirm which payment methods and mailing methods are acceptable because some government offices do not accept personal checks, money orders, etc.

Where to Go to Get Your Documents Apostillized:

USA Note: Each US has a respective state office. Contact your local state department or search Google and enter your state, for example: 'Florida' and the word: 'Apostille' to locate the office within your state.
UK Visit or call: Web:
Tel: (020) 7008 1500
South Africa

Mailing Address:
Chief Directorate: Consular Services (Legalisation Section)
Department of International Relations and Cooperation

Private Bag X152

Pretoria, 0001

Physical Address:

Legalisation Section NE2A-Ground Floor

460 Soutpansberg Road

Rietondale, Pretoria


Tel: (012) 351 1269 or Tel: (012) 351 0033
Tel: (012) 351 1232 or Tel: (012) 351 1490
Fax: (012) 323 4372

New Zealand

Authentication Unit

Department of Internal Affairs

PO Box 805

Wellington 6140

Tel: (04) 470-2928 or Toll Free: 0800 872 675
Fax: (04) 470-2921


Note: Each Australian province has a respective branch office. Please use the link below to locate the branch office within your province.

Tel: 61 2 6261 1111 or Tel: 61 2 6261 3305.
Fax: 61 2 6261 3111